UT Utah Tax Refund Status


You can check the status of your Utah Tax Refund online at the Utah State Tax Commission website. You will need to know

  • Exact Tax ID Number (SSN)
  • Filing Status
  • Amount of Refund Requested when filing Individual Income Tax. Please be advised that this application can only be used for inquires related to Individual Income Refunds.

Utah Tax Refund Status – Utah Where’s My Refund

Or call Utah State Tax Commission at 1-801-297-2200, option 0 / 1-800-662-4335, option 0

New Office Hours: All State Tax Commission offices are now open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and are closed on Fridays, including telephone call-in centers and e-mail assistance.

Customer Service
801-297-2200, option “0” (Salt Lake local calling area)
1-800-662-4335, option “0” (toll free outside Salt Lake area)
TDD 801-297-2020

Automated Forms Ordering
1-800-662-4335, ext. 6700